p(v#ii a[kidS) -p&(OTmig< p\ikTy (dvs

~ivN s&d 11 n[ p(v#i a[kidS) kh[ C[. ~) qiki[rJa[ myri(#ia[ gi[(v>dGiT upr p\kT YE ~) mhip\B&Jn[ d]v) Jvn[i b\Ms>b>F kriv) uir krvin), p\Ym s>vt 1549ni ai (dvs[ aiXi kr), j[Y) ai s>yi[giRmk mhiri(#i kh[viy C[. pC) ~) mhip\B&Ja[ ~) qiki[rJn[ p(v#ii Friv) m)~) B[ig Fy[i< an[ mF&riOTk Y) At&(t kr)..

p(v#ii phrt ~) g[ik&l B*p,
~ivN S&kl px a[kidS), m>gl k[i (nj $p........1
ain>d ci$ r(skvr prmin>d rs $p,
vZ>divn k[i c>W vB, (Cn(Cn $p an*p............2

v]ONv[ sv<Yi p(v#ii Friyi (vni rh[v&> n(h, kirN k[ p(v#ii Friyi (vni aiKi vP<n) s[vi sfL Yt) nY)..

~) mhip\B&J (c>(tt hti k[ d[iP Y) Br[l[i Jv an[ S& b\M n[i s>b>F k[v) r)t[ YS[

~) vB p\B& krt (vcir,

d]v) Jv k(ry[ uir..1
s>g di[P liy[i (nrFir,
ab (k(h> (bF ECik[i (natir.2
tt(C>n p\gT kZON avtir,
m&Kt[ b[n kht ucir..3
abt[> kri[> b\Ms>b>F,
p>c di[P k[i rh[ n g>F..4
bcn s&nt mn hrK bDie,
ar(p p(v#ii B[ig Frie..5
tbt[> s[vi r)t btie,
p\B& p\sid fl prm khie..6
p&(OTBjn rsr)t (sKie,
(njjn ab tj ant n e.7
Bvjl (n(F t[> (ly[ trie,
s[t&b>F jyi[> pij b>Fie..8
~) vB ~) (vlrie,
oirk[s an&cr pd piE..9

Once while Shri Mahaprabhuji was resting by the banks of the Yamuna river at Gokul on the Takourani Ghat under a Chhokar Tree, He become concerned as to how He would be able to fullfill the Lord's order to re-establish the relation of pepole of this impure KaliAge with the divine-pure God, While engaged in such deep thoughts ....

Ryir[ ki[(T k>d<p livy y&kt ~) gi[k&l[d& p\B& p\kT Yyi an[ d]v) Jvi[ n[ b\M s>b>F kriv), SrN[ l[vin) - ~) vB n[ aiXi aip) an[ kH& 'vlB, tm[ kS) (c>ti n kri[, aiRm(nv[dn Wiri aip, pimr Jvi[n[i uir kr[i. b\Ms>b>F oiri p\B& Y) (vK*T[i pD[li[ Jv, p\B& si(ny m[Lv) skS[. ai gwm>#i oiri Jvi[n[i miri siY[ s>b>F kriv[i.

suddenly Lord Krishna appeared in front of Him and said, "Why do you worry so?" Shri Mahaprabhuji then replied " The nature of these souls is so sinful that I am concenred as to how thier reunion with you can ever take place" Shri Krishna then consoled Shri Mahaprabhuji saying, " Those who take intiation from You will be relieved of all sins and I will personally accept them. Go out and take divine souls under your shelter." The
reason why Shri Mahaprabhuji was worried about how the souls sinful by nature would be able to be reunited with thier Lord, was that. He was mainly concerned because Lord only enjoys and accepts things of the highest quality.   the Lord Himself had given Shri Mahaprabhuji the order to uplift people through the  Bramha Sambandha people   have firm faith in it for the Lord himself had given Shri Mahaprabhuji the command and promised that He would look after their liberations. A rough English translations of the Bramha Sambandha  mantra   goes as following.

  " Thousands of years have elapsed since my soul's separation From the god. I am suffering intense pain and anguish in hopes of meeting God. In this condition of separation i am joyless, therefore I Take a vow of consecration and dedicate my body, organs, vital breath, mind, and thier funcions, also my wife, children, house, relatives, wealth and the merits of this world and the next, along with my soul to lord Krishna.

                              "I am Your Servant, Oh Krishna I am Yours !"

mhi ki$(Nk yimAv$p ~) gi[k&l[d& p\B&a[ as)m kZpi Y)
'hr[i vP[i< Y) (vK*T[i {p\B&Y)} pD[l[i Jv, sixit Bgvin ~) kZONn[,
d[h, E(Wy,p\iN, a>t:krN an[ t[ni Fmi[<, A#i), Gr, p&#i, aijn, Fn
aili[k an[ prli[k aiRmi s(ht smp[< C[.
an[ kh[ C[, ''h[ kZON h&> tmir[i dis C&>.

On the following morning (~ivN s&d 12 ),(pavitra 12)  Shri Mahaprabhuji composed a small doctrine for His Disciples called siddhantrahasya, which explains the order, Lord Krishna has Given to Him on the previous night. Its translation  is given below.

"At midnight, during the month of Saravan (Roughly corresponding to the end of the July and the first half of August.) on the eleventh day of the bright half, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna appeared    before Me. What special orders He bestowed on Me I will now reproduce. All those who take Brahma Sambandha will have all impurities removed from their soul and body.  The   impurities mentioned in the scriptures are those relating to social and religious affairs, namely those of natural occurence, place, time, union, and touch. After one takes Brahma Sambhandha all of one's sins cannot be absolved, therefore it is one's duy to offer everything including one's soul to Lord Krishna and to avoid accepting anything which has
not been offered.Therefore, after taking Bramha Sambhandha all should observe the regulations of first offering everything they themselves intend to use Things half or partially used should never be offered to the god of gods, Shri Krishna. In every affair all things should first be offered. Therefore, after taking Bramha Sambandha all should observe the regulations of first offering everything they them selves intend to use.
Things half or partially used should never be offered to lord Krishna According to daktaprahara ( the act of gifting) those things once offered to the Lord become his and consequently unauthorised for our personal use. This statement is concerned with the path
of puja and not with the Path of Grace. As people in the world successfully carry out thier work, similarly by offering every undertaking to the lord, everything acquries His divine likeness. As all types of impure water upon entering the sacred Ganga river become
a part of her holy flow, similarly those who offer everything to Shri Krishna have all thier impurities absolved and acquire he lord's Own transcendental qualitites."
Later, Shri Mahaprabhuji asked Damala. " Did you hear any thing last night ?"
Damala replied, " I heard the lord's voice , but I was not able to understand what He said "

Shri Mahaprabhuji then enlightened him;" Last night the lord ordered Me to
give people the divine mantra of bramaha Sambhandha, for through it the lord will accept
them, thus absolveing all of their sins. Therefore it is neccessary to take the bramaha Sambhandha,

the Reasons why Damla said he did not understand what the lord said The Lord said was that if he had understood,
damla wanted to hear, the explaintion from the mahaprabhuji ,for true knowledge can only be gained through the guru's grace. For these reason damla had on real interest in hearing the lord, for he was only concern with becoming the devotee dispicle of Shri Mahaprabhuji,   after giving bramaha Sambhandha, to Damla

Shri Mahaprabhuji told him "damla the path has been established for you"(vaishnavs), that is, devotee's having qualities similar to him.

Just as Shri Mahaprabhuji descendants have appered in order to give bramaha Sambhandha, to vaishnavs and to carry out the teachings of Shri Mahaprabhuji.