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s[vi p\kirni[ p\ir>B
zirK>Dmi> aiXi Ye-figN S&d-11 ~ivN s&d-13 ni S&B (dn[ ~) mhip\B&J pi[tini s[vki[ an[ v\jvis) ai[ siY[ hP<p*v<k ~) (g(rrijJ upr pFiyi<. ~) mhip\B&J upr phi[>yi k[ Ryi> ~) gi[vF<nFrN ~) niYJ Avy> aip~)n[ l[vi miT[ simi pFiyi<. ai smyn> & vN<n Bkt k(v gi[pildisBiE "" vlByin"" mi> kh[ C[.

'hrK[ t[ simi ai(vyi, ~) gi[vF<n uFrN' ~)J dS<nkrti> j ~) mhip\B&J a[ 'j...y ~) kZON' ni[ jy v(n kyi[<, an[ ~)niYJ ~)mhip\B&n[ B[T) prApr (mlnY) b>n[ Av$pi[ GNi[j ain>d piyi! an[ s[vki[, v\jvis)ai[ ai (dy an[ ali]k)k dS<nni[ liB lE prm ain>(dt Yyi. pC) ~)niYJa[ ~)mhip\B&Jn[ aiXi kr)...



In the year 1493 (v.s. 1549) on the eleventh day during the bright half of the month of Phalgun, on a Thursday, Shri Nathji commanded Shri Mahaprabhuji, "I have appeared as Shri Nathji in a cave on the Govardhan Hill. You know that the Braja Vasis have seen Me there. I am thinking of appearing in My complete form, but I am waiting for you. Quickly come here and perform my Seva. After hearing Shri Nathji's command, Shri Mahaprabhuji set out from jharkhand to Braja. Proceeded to the Govarthan Hill with all of his disciples and sat there under a tree in front of Saddu Pande's house. Many Braja Vasis came to see him. At that moment, Shri Nathji called from the Govardhan Hill and Shri Mahaprabhuji overheard Him say, " O Naro, bring Me some milk". The voice I heard in Jharkhanda, that told me to come here, is the same voice I just heard. Shri Nathji has appeared here. Shri Mahaprabhuji was very joyful and climbed up the Govardhan Hill with all of his disceples. Shri Nathji suddenly appeared before them and blissfully greeted Shri Mahaprabhuji with a warm embrace.